The corkscrews have arrived!

To avoid customs issues at the Norther Boarder and to prevent TSA from confiscating potentially deadly weapons, I shipped all of my corkscrews last week instead hauling them myself.  Josef shipped them back to me just yesterday and I spent a bit of time unwrapping them last night. Boy oh boy do I have a LOT OF CORKSCREWS!

I shipped out 9 boxes, but I came back with 12?  A few boxes of books and literature form Howard Lutterman’s collection and of course I bought a few corkscrews too.

Here’s a few pictures of the goods!

Columbian Expo Davis Patent, French Serpants, Miniature Open Frame, Guda Percha Figural Black Lady Leg, very large French Multi-tool and an old Snifter.

Note the Clough wire corkscrew on the bottom, which happens to be marked with the original patent date!



Neat DRGM Brass Multi-tool roundlet, 2 owl double lever types, Woodman’s Patent, English Bow with Carriage Key, German Roundlet with opener, German Open Frame Mechanical.


Murphy Direct pull, English Henshall type, Heeley & Sons Roundlet w/ speed worm, 2 English Archemedian worms, Brass Old Snifter.



Fossilized Walrus Tusk!!

IMG_1982 IMG_1983 IMG_1984 IMG_1985 IMG_1986

There are a few keepers here, but some will find their way to eBay, and some to, and MAYBE even a few on page!


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