Walker w/ Ornate Bronze Cast Handle by Gorham

Admittedly there have been a few over the years that have passed through my hands that I wish I had never traded or sold off.  Some were one-of-a-kind, some never seen before, some undervalued, and some simply had to go so I could acquire the next.  But looking back on what I have found thus far in my 10 years of collecting only fuels the passion to keep looking and finding new pieces and hopefully replacing the ones that have gotten away.

A few months back during the ICCA AGM I had the opportunity to buy a very interesting piece.  It was a Walker Corkscrew with an Ornate Bronze Cast handle.  It featured a Grape Leaf motif.  I think I owned it for about 48 hours before an offer was made that I couldn’t refuse.  Check it off as another regretted corkscrew sale…

Can you believe that I didn’t even have time to photograph it properly??

Funny story though…  At the ICCA Gala Dinner, a few special bottles from a local vintner were available for everyone’s pleasure, and John Morris requested the need for a corkscrew.  REALLY?  I raced up to my room and grabbed my very latest acquisition to show it off and allow it to become a part of history, and open a few bottles.  Here’s John Morris in action:


This was one that I wanted to replace.  And recently the corkscrew gods made that possible!

This Walker with Ornate Bronze Cast Handle turned up on our second favorite auction site recently.  The photos in the listing were not the best, so it was likely not on everyone’s radar, but ironically I could see it quite clearly.  I set an aggressive snipe bid and happen to win for about less than half!  Even better!  🙂

Gorham Bronze Cast Handle Corkscrew Gorham Bronze Cast Handle Corkscrew 2 Gorham Bronze Cast Handle Corkscrew 3

Clearly marked GORHAM CO.

I haven’t seen or heard of these Bronze Cast Handles before a few months ago.  Has anyone else got one in their collection?  I would be interested in buying a second or third if one was available.  If not, I would certainly welcome a photo.  Drop me a line at syrocokid@gmail.com


2 Responses to Walker w/ Ornate Bronze Cast Handle by Gorham

  1. Very cool corkscrew Tommy, and I dig the video of John using the corkscrew and dancing a bit!

  2. Peter says:

    I had marked this piece as a potential purchase. Looks great! Pleased you got it Tommy!

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