Nice Handle…

January 12, 2014

Some time ago, Peter came across a Henshall type corkscrew with a most unusual, but very nice handle.  The handle had some very distinct rib decoration and some finer decorative pattern within the sections.  Clearly not German and most definitely not American.  It was a very memorable piece that he had acquired and I knew I would not soon forget it.

This past November, an English direct pull turned up on our favorite ANTIQUE CORKSCREW Auction website.  It was that very same handle!!  I was also very fortunate enough to win the auction!!  It did take the better part of 6 weeks for the piece to arrive in Chicagoland, but I’m super excited to add this corkscrew to the collection!

I don’t believe it’s carved wood, but maybe a molded ebony type material.  The fine decorative pattern is too small to consistently reproduce.

Fancy Handle Corkscrew

Anyone else got a corkscrew with this fancy decorative handle on it?  I’d love to see a photo.  Drop me a line at  I’m also open to making a trade or fair offer to buy it from you!  🙂

The $30,000 Corkscrew!

November 13, 2011

Yesterday was the ending of sale 8A for the ICCAuctions.  Unfortunately for me, I was stuck working all day.  😦  I spent the night before, strategising, and placing a few select bids.  With fingers crossed and my cell phone on vibrate, I could hardly wait till my break time to check in for updates!  Sadly, no wins for me.  😦

Worthy of notation was the impressive, but to be expected, rash of relentless bidding by every sellers favorite buyer Fotodeal.  He dropped a whopping $30,030 on this 1903 N.P.Samuelsen Dainish Patent!  He also picked up Peter’s Cherub and Stayrs brass frame corkscrew for a mere $13,263.  Amazing.  Congratulations Fotodeal on your new acqusitions.

Sale 8b of the ICCAuctions is ending in less than 90 minutes.  I’m off to find a few good deals!  Wish me luck!

Forget about eBay….

November 7, 2011

The ICCAuctions are a beautiful thing for corkscrew collectors.  Tons of rare corkscrews to see, bid on, and sell off.  But during the 3 weeks this is going on, it’s almost like we forget about our everyday go to auction site eBay…  Or at least some of us do.

This weekend I saw a Kupper Bier sell for less than $400!  Surely some people saw it, as there was 90 views on the auction page.  But maybe not everyone searches “down under” where the seller is located?  A steal of a deal none the less!  Yes, I bid, but not aggressively as I’ve already got one and I figured that since another sold on two days prior for $1500+ this one was sure to go higher.

And just this morning an amazing Henshall type with a very fancy carved handle sold for a mere $137!  I plain ol’ forgot to set a snipe and didn’t look at my watch list this morning.  Errrrrrr!!!  A beautiful and rare piece!  At least someone got a great deal!

So, as fun as the ICCAuctions are, there are still some great deals to be had for those that are looking….  Happy bidding!